Fragile Life

This week has been a hard week. Many deadlines, losses and birthdays. Week ended with 2 funerals and a birthday. 

A sweet 7 year old little girl was taken in a car accident and on friday I captured the last few memories the family will ever have with their baby girl. I had never met this family and yet I was crying like a baby, feeling probably just a fraction of their loss. Family and friends paid their respects to the family and celebrated this young girls life. I can’t imagine losing either of my children, and just the thought of it, hurt me so bad! 

Today was the funeral of a great man that had his life taken in an instant. The memorial service had a full house. Family and friends occupied all the seats in the church. The service was beautiful. Friends stood to talk about the life of a funny, loving, accomplished man that they were going to miss. Some could hardly contain themselves, while others told stories that inspired us to live life to its fullest. We will never understand the reasons why a man that was such an example to others, could have left this world so soon. But like his father mentioned in the service, God had a plan for him. That is definitely the only way to put it to be able to move forward and cope with this huge loss. It was hard looking at the wife that was holding on to her parents like it was the only thing she had left. The slide show with photographs of his relationship with his wife and daughter as well as friends and family was beautifully compiled…. it was all very heartfelt. In the silence, all you can hear was sniffles. And listening to everyone sing “10,000 reasons,” was harder than I thought. There will always be more meaning to this song because we learned that this was his favorite song. One of his friends and his dad, mentioned something that we all know but need to always be reminded: God is in all the details. Life isn’t random. Everything has a reason for being. Perhaps some people can take this as a wake up call, to pay attention to the details that God is trying to speak through, to us. 

This all makes me think about how fragile life can be. I, myself, need to concentrate on making more memorable memories in my own life, make a difference in someone elses, and let others see God’s love through me. 
“You can’t control where you’ve been, but you can change where you’re going.” – KSGN

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