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Haycock Family On Location Shoot

The Haycock FamilyIt was such a pleasure to have met this family through another wonderful friend and client Deborah. Arlyn and her family were just so easy to photograph and her uncle’s home has such beautiful grounds! Too bad they are moving back to Tennessee. They will be missed, but their portraits will be on our studio walls for sure.

Georgia was so amazing! Just a doll of a child. Her smile was contagious! Mommy was so stylish and prepared. Had beautiful outfits for the both of them and her shoes were awesome! especially the turquoise pumps. Needless to say, this was the most wonderful 2 hours spent on a shoot ever.

When I went to edit the pictures, I couldn’t eliminate any. There were so many to pick from. Ended up with a little over 200 shots. Loved it!

Hope they enjoy….